Dear customers,

Unfortunately, on 24th of February 2019, at about 21:32 EET, one of our virtualization node (v4core node) had an incident and all services hosted on that particular node stopped working.
After our technicians took out the server from the rack and analyzed it, they concluded that the RAID Controlled had a malfunction, which resulted in bad/corrupted information written on the Hard Drives.
We did our best and managed to recover a big part of customers data, however, about 27% of it is permanently corrupted and non-recoverable.

In the next couple hours, we will start restoring backups to our customers. If, until the end of the day, you still have issues with your service, please raise a support ticket, so we can look into. It may be due to the fact that your service is one of those 27% of services that is corrupted.

We are very sorry for this incident and we would like to advice you once again, that it's a good idea to create your own backup of the service, every time you feel like you should.

Thank you for your understanding,

Monday, February 25, 2019

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